Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Village Green in Richmond

If you’ve never been to Richmond before and have just arrived here by train, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just another ordinary slightly posh London suburb; it’s home to most of the high tree chain stores, loads of hairdressers and spas and some boutiques for the well-heeled.  That’s why you have to venture off the Quadrant and George Street and head to the Waterfront, Richmond Hill and the Green.  This latter patch of town is like a mini-village unto itself.  It’s arguably one of the best places to hang out on a warm summer afternoon.  But even in the depth of winter, it’s architecturally stunning and timeless and therefore comforting and romantic.

Bright Lights, Small Town

As soon as I’d learnt how to shoot long exposure night time photography, I couldn’t wait to give it a go in nearby Richmond-upon-Thames.  It’s such a stunning town, as much at night as it is by day: understated, elegant & contemporary.  And with all my gear, on a damp cold evening in December I was able to catch the 391 bus from George Street to my street – my personal taxi service.

The Angels in the Details

Whether it’s a wedding, party or business event, there’s inevitably a very talented, patient team of craftspeople and organisers who have worked tirelessly in the background to bring the event to life.  They’re often the unsung heroes and heroines of important milestones in life.  As a photographer & mother I really get that.  Which is why I love to photograph the details, so that those things that have made the d├ęcor so beautiful and the atmosphere so emotive are the many details that the supporting cast have created.  I was able to support the brilliant Teddington Photography, Trevor Aston, at a charity dinner for the Victoria Foundation at Twickenham Stadium in early December.  In this blog I just wanted to share some of those details in celebration of  hard work and dedication of the artists and servers.


Richmond Park: Natural Oasis in SW London

I often wish I lived in greater proximity to Richmond Park – close enough to make it there when the sun rises and sets.   But at least it isn’t very far from Kew.  And when you venture of the main trails and away from the motor & cycle traffic, it feels like you’re in a country idyll, complete with some magical creatures.

The Transformation of Covent Garden

When I moved to London in 1990, I occasionally used to wander round Covent Garden my lunchtime break from grad school.  Back then, the market had quaint shops, traditional cafes and slightly dodgy side streets.  Fast forward 24 years, and it’s completely new place: elegant and contemporary with posh bakeries, live performers, a sparkling Opera House and Dior.   All this housed in authentic Victorian market architecture and connected by cobbled stones rubbed smooth from treading.  So festive and wonderful is Covent Garden that I’ve made one of my photos of it into this year’s Christmas card. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Network in the Park

On the 20th of November I had the great privilege of photographing the latest Best of Richmond networking event at the Park Hotel in Teddington.  If you live in the Borough of Richmond and are in search of recommended local businesses or if you are a small business in search of a brilliant marketing team and network TBOR is the website and Nick and Jacqui are the brilliant team that run this organisation.