Monday, 29 September 2014

There’s nothing quite like a civil demonstration

On the 6th of September my younger daughter and I attended a protest against cuts to the NHS in central London; my daughter participating in and I photographing the event.  We started out at Red Lion Square where there were speeches, music and a general whipping up of enthusiasm.  There’s nothing quite like a civil demonstration to capture the authentic and impassioned emotions of people peacefully united in a single cause.  The march proceeded down Kingsway to the Aldwych, then along the Strand and spilling out to fill all of Trafalgar Square to the brim.  This is my photojournal of the afternoon:

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Place for the Young to Thrive and Strive

Last Thursday I had the great privilege of photographing the opening of the new sports hall at Twickenham Academy.  It’s a beautiful hall: shiny, spacious and even has a climbing wall!  Present were several groups of littlies from local nurseries as well as a number of sixth form students, who later helped the young ones with games or played themselves on the outdoors sports pitch behind the hall.  The lovely principal, Tracy Ward, gave a stirring speech as did the two special guest ribbon-cutters: Tom Williams and Will Skinner from Harlequins Rugby.  I got the distinct feeling that I was in the presence of three local heroes!

The following are some of my favourites from the shoot.