Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Celebration of Family, Friends and Fearless Living

In late July, Debbie and Andy celebrated their 50th Birthdays and what a party it was.  Held at at the stately York House in Twickenham, the occasion was anything but traditional.  The dress code was fancy dress from decades past, Debbie and Andy choosing to bring Barbie and Ken to life - with at least three costume changes during the course of the evening.  I couldn't keep a straight face every time I saw Patsy and Edina.

Dinner was straight out of 1970s England: prawn cocktail, lasagne and an Angel Delight sort of pudding. And if the get-ups and cuisine weren't enough to keep you entertained for a few hours, Andy arranged for the band Squeeze to play their greatest hits.  This is the same band that played my senior year at uni, so an extra special treat for me.  An outrageous and riotously great party - well done and congratulations to the lovely couple and their boys!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Party in TW9

Last week my older daughter invited her friends round for dinner en plein air.  I baked cakes and made a quinoa and fruit salad recommended to me my my mom; Lauren and two of her mates made sushi.  Yes, that's right home-made rolls with the special rice and a selection of fillings.  I think the best part was when the volume of the singing reached a toddler-waking level.  Such a great evening, such a lovely bunch of young women.