Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Palestinian Supporters Protest BBC Reporting

Yesterday afternoon there was a massive protest outside Broadcasting House on Portland Place in Central London.  Organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War, CND and others, hundreds of people attended with placards, chanting and speeches criticising what they consider to be the BBC’s biased reporting of the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.  The event was by and large peaceful, though at one point traffic was stopped completely on Portland Place.  I attended in the role of photojournalist, but at one point got caught up in the crowd control – the first time I’ve been kettled.  I have to admit that I only watch the Channel 4 News so am not really aware of the difference between C4’s reporting in comparison to that of the BBC – I really need to widen my sources of current events. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Portraits by the Artist

One of the greatest joys in my life has been watching my children grow and flourish in their respective fields of talent: Lauren in the visual arts and Lindsey in performance. Just over a month ago I had the privilege of attending the foundation degree art show at the University of Falmouth where Lauren displayed her final pieces. I can’t describe how exciting it is to witness an artist's style and content develop through the crucible of a difficult year away from home at the tip of the country in weather that was record-breaking (in February the rail line at Dawlish was washed into the sea in the storms). In the end, she honed her love and skill in monoprinting of the female form. She was awarded a coveted distinction award. I couldn’t be more proud and delighted. And I love her work.

The work of some of the other foundation degree graduates.

The following four pieces comprise Lauren's exhibition pieces.