Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Young Woman Beloved by an Entire City

When the 14-year old Alice Gross went missing at the end of August, what ensued was the largest search operation in London since the July 2005 bombings.  In addition to the Met’s efforts, a huge grass roots campaign was launched from her town of Hanwell in an effort to raise awareness and mobilise more people to search.  I remember personally praying every day that Alice be found alive and well, because she was a special person in many ways.  Alice wasn't a typical teenage school girl; she was extremely vulnerable both physically and emotionally, but she was also deeply loved by her friends and family who described her many talents and potential.  She was held so closely in the affection of her community because she was a kind, loving person - not traits that spring to mind when we think of London teenagers.  Her warmth was so great there's a great void without her; no, I didn’t know her, but I feel as though I did.

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