Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fabulous Families of Kew Gardens

Over the course of the summer months this year, I had the great pleasure and privilege of photographing two incredible families in Kew Gardens.  And fortunate for me that they’re also my neighbours on our street in Kew.  This is something I’ve been hoping to do for ages as the Gardens have always been my sanctuary, my natural retreat and my inspiration.  And to be able to photograph children and families in some of my favourite spots was a dream fulfilled. 

The first family was a mum and her two gorgeous children.  This woman has been particularly important to our street as she has organised our annual street party for the past few years now.  I don’t even think we ever even had a street party before she moved here.  It’s a beautiful thing to see such natural love and joy among a mum and her kids.


The second family was equally as wonderful. And once again the shoot consisted of under an hour of photographing the four of them or a couple of them on a route through some of the prettiest parts of the Gardens, including a secluded spot behind the Temple of Bellona, the Henry Moore statue, the Sackler Crossing, the Rhododendron Dell and the children’s play area. With a family this enthusiastic, photographing them is a complete pleasure.

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