Monday, 17 March 2014

Standing With Syria

Last Thursday evening, my younger daughter and I attended the #withSyria rally in Trafalgar Square.  I’d heard about this through Banksy’s Facebook status as one of his stencil works was to be projected on to Nelson’s Column.  We arrived a little bit late, but nonetheless, there was a certain buzz, with music of the region and speeches from impassioned relatives.  It also provided an opportunity to talk about world events with my daughter.  I don’t have many detailed answers, but at least the rally raised awareness that the tragedy that has befallen the innocents of Syria carries on.  We, the connected of the social media world, have short attention spans. We need to remember that the real world exists and that pain and suffering are closer than we realise.  And that injustice breeds resentment and retaliation that can span generations.

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