Friday, 21 March 2014

A Spring in our Collective Step

Over the course of my 24 years of life in this green and pleasant land, I can't recall a March quite like this one.  It's been warm, sunny, blooming and just plain wonderful.  The conditions have been absolutely perfect for yours truly, FlaneurGirl, to wander the streets and parks of southwest London taking in light and colour and giving my rendition in images.  And remember, it's a great time of year to have family portraits taken, particularly in Kew Gardens or your local play park.  Just give me a shout - 0775 380 3732 - and we can make a plan.

Here are some shots from my wondrous wandering:

I'm particularly happy that this single photo received more likes on Facebook than any of my other photos to date: 64!   Many many thanks to all my followers.

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